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March 28, 2002

MQSeries User Group Meeting

March 28th, 2002 Seminar Status and Presentation Download

The March 28, 2002 MQ User Group meeting was held at IBM’s New York office, located at 590 Madison Avenue & 57th Street.

The seminar was sponsored by IBM – CrossWorlds and Reconda International, who generously provided the food and enough caffeinated beverages to keep everyone awake.

The day started at 8:00 am when the doors opened for registration and continental breakfast. There were about 170 registered attendees for the seminar though not quite that many were able to attend. About 9:00 am, Paul Blanz from Goldman Sachs got things started by welcoming everyone and reviewing the day’s agenda.

The seminar started with a talk on WebSphere MQ Integrator Technical Update and T&D by Patrick Verdugo from IBM. He reviewed the new features in WMQI version 2.1 and fielded several questions from the audience. Patrick also provided a product update on the soon to be released MQ version 5.3.

Next up was Derek Hornby from Reconda International. He discussed the trade-offs between the need for corporation developer access to MQ systems vs. the need to maintain system integrity and security. As delivered, MQ either allows too much access to developers and place critical code at risk, or too little access that prevents developers from doing their work. Derek then provided information on Reconda products that address this quandary. The administrator can establish controlled, customized levels of access that protect the system while allowing developers sufficient access to their jobs.

Greg Price from CrossWorlds (who was substituting for Bill Carambelas) provided a business integration technical overview and the use of MQ family adapters. Much of the talk was centered on IBM’s recent acquisition of CrossWorlds and their product line. Greg also discussed how the various CrossWorlds products would probably fit and integrate into the WebSphere family of products (though plans have not been finalized).

The seminar attendees took a lunch break, during which the MQUG business meeting took place. Several new members volunteered for duty and were gratefully welcomed by the existing team. The MQUG team will be working on several initiatives that include updates to the website and planning for the next MQUG seminar in October.

Following lunch, the presention is a user’s experience with WebSphere Business Process Manager (formerly MQ Workflow), presented by Dean Keister from Centerprise. Dean reviewed the “driving principles” behind process management and the value proposition that can be derived in its use. Dean then reviewed a project that was BPM enabled, discussing the project planning, implementation and success as well as lessons learned.

The final presentation of the day was Max Dolgicer from International System Group talked about his company’s experiences using MQ with XML/Corba.

The presentation materials are available to be downloaded:

WebSphere MQ Integrator Technical Update and T&D

Developer Access VS. System Integrity

Business Integration Technical Overview and MQ Family Adapters

MQ Workflow User Experience

MQ with XML/Corba User Experience