Welcome to the New York / New Jersey WebSphere MQ Family User Group

Meeting Summary/Status &
Presentation Downloads…

(ISO, Jersey City, NJ )

(IBM, 590 Madison Ave, NYC)

(Merrill Lynch, NYC )

(IBM, 590 Madison Ave, NYC)

(JP Morgan, NYC )

(Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield,NJ )

(Chase Manhattan Bank,NYC)

(IBM, 590 Madison Ave, NYC)


Please mark your calendar, the next seminar will be on Tuesday, 3/25/03, in NYC.

The NY/NJ WebSphere MQ Family User Group is designed to provide MQ Family professionals, users and consultants a forum to share ideas, experience and expertise related to the IBM WebSphere MQ family of products and complimentary tools.

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Volunteers Needed :

-Speakers for user experience needed. E-mail Sunny Lee at [email protected]

-Speakers for software vendors whose tools can compliment/support MQSeries Family
products. E-mail Paul Blanz at [email protected]

-Available meeting site needed. E-mail Derek Hornby at [email protected]

-Any interested topics. E-mail Gary Ward at [email protected]

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Last updated on February 3rd, 2003