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February 29th, 2000 User Group Seminar

February 29th, 2000 Seminar Status and Presentation Download

The February 29th New York / New Jersey MQSeries User Group seminar was attended by over 100 MQSeries professionals. Thanks to all who attended, and also the presenters, who made this seminar such a success. Special thanks are also in order for JP Morgan, who provided the conference facilities and the breakfast and lunch were kindly sponsored by BMC, CommerceQuest, and IBM Corporation.
After a continental breakfast, Paul Blanz of Goldman Sachs & Co kicked off the seminar, and there were several presentations.

The first presentation was by John Davis of IBM, who covered MQSeries Workflow Introduction and Concepts.

This was followed by Milt Weinberger of ISI (a Division of M&M/Mars), who presented “Life of a Message” – a description of how ISI has implemented and applied MQSeries across their enterprise.

The subject of MVS Batch Trigger Monitoring was covered by Phil DiStefano, who described its successful implementation at JP Morgan.

The last presentation before lunch was by David Torrici of CommerceQuest, covering their product, e-Adapter MQ tester Overview.

After lunch the seminar was continued by Phil DiStefano of JP Morgan presented again – this time his topic was Channel Security Exits. He was followed by an organized panel session , with questions sent via e-mail, and from the floor of the seminar being answered by the very knowledgeable IBM team of Stuart Jones and Wayne Schutz. Topics covered included: future support for openVMS, AMI on OS/390, and some other interesting topics.

The final presenter of the day was Richard Nikula of BMC Software, who covered MQSeries performance issues in “Getting the Most Out of MQSeries”.

Some presentation materials are available to be downloaded:

MQSeries Workflow Introduction: mqwf.zip

Life of a Message: MQUserGrp.zip

MVS Batch Trigger Monitor: TrigMon_Presents.zip

e-Adapter MQ Tester Overview: e-Adapter-MQTester.zip

Getting the Most out of MQSeries: Getting-most.zip