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October 12, 2000

MQSeries User Group Meeting

October 12th, 2000 Seminar Status and Presentation Download

The October 12, 2000 meeting was a huge success. It was held in the IBM site in New York City. We would like to give thanks to Bristol and MQSoftware for providing breakfast and lunch.

Gary Ward from Telcordia was the MC who kicked off the meeting. Paul Blanz from Goldman Sach and Co., John Hanna and Javier Buch from Aslan Technology Group, Inc. presented MQSeries Technical Conference Recap.

Jason Zhong from Bristol Technology talked about the MQ Series clustering technology from IBM. MQ clustering could reduce the amount of administration work for distributed queuing dramatically. It also provided workload balancing capability. He discussed the basic concept of clustering, the components of a cluster and the interaction between cluster components. He also showed how to set up a cluster and how to utilize the workload balancing feature of clustering.

Steve Nathan from Telcordia presented how to interface MQ applications with IMS applications via MQSeries & IMS Bridge. His presentation covered a detailed bridge installation, configuration, and things to be aware of.

Dr. David Ching from MQSoftware presented “Managing MQSeries Application Performance and Availability”. His presentation ended with how QPasa! could support in this area.

Dr. Kareem Yusuf from IBM Hursley Lab gave a MQSeries Integrator V2.0.1 technical overview, followed by Jenny Chow’s MQSeries Integrator demo. MQSeries Integrator extends the messaging capabilities of MQSeries by adding message broker functionality driven by business rules. It provides the intelligence to route and transform messages.

Some presentation materials are available to be downloaded:

MQSeries Technical Conference Recap: mqtechconf.zip

MQSeries & IMS Bridge: mqims.zip

MQSeries Queue Manager Clustering: BristolNYC.zip

MQSeries Integrator V2.0.1 Technical Overview: MQSIV2.zip

Managing MQSeries Application Performance and Availability: ManagingMQApp.zip