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November 14th, 2002

WebSphere MQ Family User Group Meeting

November 14th, 2002 Seminar Status and Presentation Download

The November 14th, 2002 seminar was held at ISO building, located

at 545 Washington Blvd, Jersey City, New Jersey.

Attending NY/NJ MQ User Group committee members were Jenny Chow, Joe Cruz, Maryellen Evans, Derek Hornby, and Sunny Lee.

Much appreciation goes to IBM’s Tivoli and MQSoftware for providing

delicious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. We also thank ISO

for kindly sponsoring the conference facilities and the executive

dinner room.

Sunny Lee kicked off the meeting with over 120 MQS professionals.

Roy Nicolosi, the CIO of ISO, addressed his welcome to this seminar at

ISO building. He would like to continue this sponsorship every year.

The committee and entire members very much appreciate his generosity.

Derek Horby began to introduce each presenter. First one was IBM’s Tivoli group presented “Intelligent Management of WebSphere MQ & MQI”. The Marketing Program Director, WebSphere Integration Middleware, Stuart McIrvine, kicked off the IBM WebSphere Business Integration introduction, and followed by Nancy Crooks who presented IBM Tivoli MQ monitoring tools. It focused upon IBM’s new WebSphere Management Tool, Business Integration Management Manager. Business Integration Manager is a monitoring and management product that allows companies to intelligently work with their WebSphere MQ and MQI objects in a proactive manner. Its architecture is client-server based. Some of it’s features include automated responses to events, remote administration, MQS link to R/3, configuration, operations task, availability and events management and filtering.

The next presentation was given by Milton Weinberger of MetLife’s

Middleware Administration practice. Milt spoke about how MetLife is

using WebSphere MQ. MetLife has been able to harness the most out of

their Websphere messaging applications by utilizing what they term a

“Messaging Bus”. This Messaging Bus is a hub and spoke model that

efficiently provides MetLife with a low maintenance middleware

architecture that provides scalability and is extremely cost effective. MetLife uses a number of outside vendor products that allow it to manage this Message Bus. When MetLife acquired several reinsurance companies, they needed a way to streamline their middleware infrastructure. As a direct result of this business need, MetLife decided to implement a hub and spoke architecture, which they call the Message Bus. For the remainder of the presentation, Milt outlined exactly what types of applications and infrastructure were utilized to complete the Message Bus and then fielded questions from the audience. The presentation was very engaging and well-done.

After a short break, Dr. David Ching from MQSoftware presented

“Understanding the Interactions Between MQSeries and WebSphere

Application Server”. It covered the topics of collaborative technology management, WebSphere application server deployments, WAS and WebSphere MQ Integration, WebSphere Application Server Architecture, JMS Application Example, and several QPasa! Management tools for MQ, WAS, and collaborative management between these two.

During the lunch time, the NY/NJ MQUG committee met for a brief

business meeting and made a plan for next seminar in March 2003.

In the afternoon, Arthur Zinn, vice president of Messaging

Infrastructure for Pershing, spoke about improving MQS applications

availability at Pershing. The presentation covered availability of user based systems, availability of message based systems, the process of reading the queue and initial evaluation of the message is the critical process, recovering after server/CICS failure, ..etc..and the best practices.

Then, Kadeer Beg from EAI Corporation spoke about “Integration Best

Practices”. He is the managing director of EAI Corporation.

He explained the integration architecture including MQ, WMQI, Nodes,

Audit and Monitoring. He also emphasized the integration considerations

and the best practices.

These two presentations in the afternoon were very focus and useful.

The seminar was adjourned at 4:00 PM for free discussion and

interaction between the members.

The presentation materials are available for download:

1) “Intelligent Management of WebSphere MQ & MQI” by IBM Tivoli

(2) “How MetLife using MQS” by MetLife Insurance

(3) “Understanding the Interactions Between MQSeries and WebSphere Application Server” by MQSoftware

(4) “Improving MQS applications availability at Pershing” by Pershing

(5) “Integration Best Practices” by EAI Corp